How to Reduce Snoring? 10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Sleep.

How to Reduce Snoring? 10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Sleep.

Snoring is noisy breathing while sleeping. It affects 90 Million Americans of both genders and from many age groups. Snoring can change your way of life in many different ways. Many people who snore find it challenging to integrate into the world. The problem can affect their rest patterns and those of the people around them. Many persons tend to think that there is no solution to snoring. The truth is that snoring is not a permanent problem. There are remedies for wheezing that can ease the snoring and give one a good night's rest. Wondering how to reduce the snuffle? Here is a list of remedies that can help you with your sleeping woes.


Change your Lying Position

A bad sleeping position can be the leading cause of your buzzing. You can change the sleeping posture to reduce or even stop your snoring. What place should you take? First of all, snoring is a result of blockage on the airways while you are sleeping. The way you lie down can affect the airways causing some parts of your mouth to block the airway. To avoid this, find a good posture that encourages good air passage to the lungs. Avoid curling up or lying on your stomach to prevent air blockage. Instead, lie on your side to open the airways which allow proper breathing.



Lose Weight

Many people snore due to being overweight. When you realize that your weight is the main reason for your snuffling problem, try and find a way to lose weight. Natural weight loss mechanisms like walking are one great way to lose weight. When you exercise you strengthen your core and your muscles. That can significantly help people who snore. Start with a comfortable routine like walking and develop to jogging and eventually running. Weight gain can lead to severe health issues like heart failure. If you have a hard time staying on track, try a personal trainer and a gym membership.


Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol affects our bodies in many different ways. When one takes alcohol, they tend to fall into a deep sleep. The fact that you fall in bed and get into deep rest may affect the air passage. The muscles collapse into the airway and block the air from flowing freely. Avoid alcohol if you have a noisy sleep problem to avoid making it worse.


Good resting Hygiene

Bad resting hygiene is very common with young adults. The economically challenging times have us all working long hours with very little time to rest. However, one should strive to create healthy sleeping habits. That means sleeping for an ample amount of time. Resting deprivation for long hours can have you fall into a deep slumber which in turn causes the muscles to be tense and to affect the passageways causing noisy, heavy breathing.


Open Nasal Passages

Many persons have trouble sleeping with blocked nasal passages. If you have severe sinus infections or a cold or flu, you tend to snore. You can avoid the issue by getting the right treatment for the problems. Once cleared, you will say goodbye to noise during sleep. Consider seeing a doctor if you have a severe problem instead of buying over the counter medication which may not offer you the right remedy.






Change Your Pillows

Pillows are essential for a good night doze. Once you notice that they are not helping with an issue, try and change them. The wrong pads can make the problem worse or even give you more issues like back pain. You can get special pads from designated stores. Some brands manufacture good pillows to help people with snoring problems.


Stay Well Hydrated

Hydration is vital not only for your skin but for your body. Many people rarely think of hydration concerning sleep. However, drinking more water can help ease the noisy sleep problem. You have to stay hydrated while you doze. Dehydration can make wheezing even worse.


Avoid Sleeping Pills and Tranquilizers

Tranquilizers and sleeping pills can make you fall into deep sleep. The mouth muscles will relax and fall into the passageway which creates the noise to snore in your slumber. If you have trouble falling asleep, find natural remedies top encourage sleeping. One of the things you can try is proper bedroom lighting that helps put you to rest. The natural remedies will give you a chance to rest well through the night with minimal disturbance.


Anti-Snoring Device

There are devices created by scientists to prevent noisy breathing while resting. In case you have a severe snoring problem, you can get one of these gadgets. The gadget goes into your mouth while you sleep and supports the muscles in your mouth and tongue while you sleep. While they stay in place, they do not block the air passage which solves the problem of snuffling. You can find the gadgets online and order yourself one.



Snoring is a matter of the past when you utilize the tips above. It is essential to get to the bottom of the issue as snoring can have severe consequences. For instance, snoring can affect your health such as your heart and even your sleep patterns. You can try the remedies above for a chance to enjoy a healthy good night's sleep. It would mean the world for you to rest and for those around you to sleep without having to block the loud noises.

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Can a pillow really stop my snoring? Anti-Snoring Pillows Explained !

Can a pillow really stop my snoring? Anti-Snoring Pillows Explained !

One of the major problems that people experience in their sleep is snoring. Snoring is an indication that you have a breathing problem and it can cause stress and trauma to you and the people living with you. A natural treatment for this condition is to find a good snoring pillow.

There are different special snoring pillows in the market that have been proven to stop someone from snoring. These pillows are referred to as anti-snoring pillows. Can such a pillow stop my snoring? Read more to find out about the various types of anti-snoring pillows and how they work.


Wedge pillows

Wedge Pillow

Wedge Pillow

Wedge pillows are one of the most effective anti-snoring pillows in the market today. They help individuals who snore by raising their heads above the normal sleeping position to help them breathe properly. When your body is in a raised position on the wedge pillow, the air will flow easily throughout your breathing system up to your lungs.

The wedge anti-snoring pillows are triangular shaped. As most snoring is caused by posture, this pillow acts as a corrective measure to help you sleep well and eliminate snoring. The wedge pillow offers good support to your head, neck, back, and your shoulders. When purchasing, make sure you select the size you want as they come in different sizes. They are made from different materials such as foam making them very comfortable while laying your head on them.


Pillows to encourage side sleeping

Certain anti-snoring pillows will encourage one to sleep on the side. Sleeping on the sides helps to stop and prevent snoring as it ensures that your nostrils and lungs are getting enough air. These pillows work by making it easy for one to sleep on their sides and make it uncomfortable while sleeping on other positions. To encourage side sleeping, the anti-snoring pillows should have certain qualities, and they include;

Side Sleeping Pillow

Side Sleeping Pillow


The best fabric to encourage side sleeping includes foam, latex, cotton, wool, and polyester. The fabrics make sure that one is comfortable while sleeping on their sides. Anti-snoring pillows made from foam can be molded into your desired shape.


The elevation of the pillow depends on the preference of an individual. It refers to the height of the pillow from the bed. To encourage, side sleeping, the anti-snoring pillows have low, medium and high elevations. Most side sleepers prefer the medium elevation as it gives your body a good posture while sleeping.


A good pillow should be big enough for you for comfort purposes. There are standard pillows that are the ideal dimension for side sleepers. The sizes range from a width of 20-30 and a length of 25 to 35. Some anti-snoring pillows are extra big to encourage people who snore sleep on their side. You should select the right size that fits you well.



Neck Support Pillow

Neck Support Pillow

Neck Support Pillow

Another type of anti-snoring pillows are neck support pillows. They have been proven to reduce and stop snoring by making sure that your head and neck are well aligned. They also keep your airway open by aligning your spine and body while you sleep. Most people snore due to the position of their heads and necks while sleeping.

Neck support pillows fit your body's natural curves. Whether we stand or sit, work at the computer or relax on the couch, which puts pressure on our neck and spine. With an Ergonomic Design, these pillows support your head and neck to ensure exceptional comfort, and relieve your neck pain and let your stress and fatigue melt in deep sleep.



Smart pillows

Smart Pillow

Smart Pillow

Smart pillows use the latest technologies to help stop snoring. They can have different functions; it monitors and reacts to your snoring. Some smart pillow work by using a receiver and a pump. The receiver has a microphone that picks your snoring pattern and sends signals to the pump and causes a reaction on the pillow. The pebble under your pillow inflates, moving your head gently and opening the airway. Smart pillow allows one to adjust to their preferred settings and interact with a cellphone app. They  can stop your snoring without disrupting your sleep. The one on the picture features an internal binaural speaker that gives you great stereo sound and ASMR experience. They are subtle and invisible. The unit works without external power sources. Connect to your media player or cellphone and you can listen to music / audio books through your pillow. There are no uncomfortable earplugs or distractions for your partner or anyone in the room while you sleep listening to your favorite songs.



CPAP mask pillows

CPAP Pillow

CPAP Pillow

CPAP pillows allow one to sleep on them while wearing a CPAP mask. CPAP masks are for people with respiratory and breathing problems. When wearing a CPAP mask while sleeping, you will need a pillow that you will be comfortable on. The CPAP mask pillows are made from foam materials and have contours that provide comfort and support. They are ideal when you are sleeping on the back, side or stomach.

The CPAP mask pillows allow one to rotate the pillow easily at night when you want to adjust your sleeping position. With the anti-snoring pillow, you do not need to stuff anything inside as it has two levels of thickness that gives you the comfort you want. The CPAP mask pillows help people to stop snoring by making them stick to their masks.

If you snore while sleeping, you should not worry as the above anti-snoring pillows will help you out. Most people who snore have bad sleeping postures, and the pillows mentioned above aims at improving the sleeping position of an individual. When buying any of the above pillows, you should consider the size, the fabric of the pillow and the features of that pillow. The anti-snoring pillows are available on the market either locally or online. The anti-snoring pillows may cost more than the regular pillows, but you will enjoy the results that you get from using any of the above pillows.

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